Our Story

Natvana Extractions was founded in February of 2019 by three University of Arkansas Graduates and life-long friends. The idea was brought forth by our COO and Co-Founder, Corey Porter, after years of interest and research into the Hemp Industry. Upon the 2018 Farm Bill passing, Corey contacted our now CEO and Co-Founder, Casey Flippo, and the two began to take what was once a dream and molding it into what we are today.

Natvana Founders | Corey, Casey, & Clarkson

Along the way, with an obvious need to bring in talented, highly-skilled individuals, Corey and Casey thought there would not be a better fit than Sean Clarkson, a JD/MBA U of A Graduate in which they have both known and trusted for years.

In the coming months, the trio successfully secured over a dozen grow contracts, an assortment of business partnerships, and a team of finely-tuned individuals to help run this growing operation.

Natvana Extractions will be entering the 2020 Grow Season with one of the most State-of-The-Art, high throughput facilities in the State of Arkansas.

We control over 1/4th of the state’s licensed Grower Applications and we are one of the few Vertically-Integrated Processing Plants in the Region.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Casey Flippo | Natvana Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Casey Flippo
Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder

Meet our CEO, Casey Flippo. Casey is a graduate of the University Of Arkansas Bumpers College School Of Agriculture where he studied Business Administration and Marketing. Along with Casey’s years of management experience, he brings countless fresh ideas about to further enhance the currently fragmented CBD marketplace. While his education certainly supports his current status as one of our fearless leaders, his experience and success in a number of high-risk marketplaces affords Natvana a strategic advantage in a market that is desperately trying to establish itself as a viable business. Casey was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas and is a true Arkansan. As a fourth generation land owner, he can certainly assimilate with Arkansas farmers and the challenges they face year in and year out. With that understanding; he is passionate about putting the farmers first, all while maintaining a healthy and productive business outlook. With his farmer and consumer-centric focus, we are excited to see what the future has in store for Natvana.

Corey Porter | Natvana Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Corey Porter
Chief Operating Officer | Co-Founder

It is a pleasure to introduce our COO and Head Cultivator, Corey Porter. Corey, also a Bumpers College Graduate at the University of Arkansas, spent four years in classes and in the same extracurricular activities as our CEO, Casey. As lifelong friends, these two are a prime example of fire and ice. Corey, a sixth generation Delta farmer, is the true lifeline of our operation. From farmer relations to in-house cultivation, he is what makes our operation work. After years of research into Hemp and most specifically High-CBD floral hemp, Corey spent months formulating a business plan that ultimately resulted into what you see today. Corey has years of successful farming experience within the Arkansas Delta. He and his father, Larry, work hand-in-hand in not only making Natvana’s successes seem easy, but they also work side by side on a number of other ventures as well. Through Corey’s top of the line education, autodidact mentality, and unparalleled experience within the Arkansas Delta farming community, our crops and facility are in the best hands imaginable.

Larry Porter | Chief Agriculture Officer & Co-Founder

Larry Porter
Chief Agriculture Officer | Co-Founder

Larry Porter, ladies and gentlemen. The man that truly needs no introduction. Larry is the father figure in our young operation. With over 40 years of business and farming experience within the Arkansas Delta, there is not much that “Mr. Larry” can’t figure out. Along with his success in the fields of Southeast Arkansas, Larry also runs a successful seed cleaning business. With Larry’s invaluable experience and unlimited connections within the farming community, we are excited to have Mr. Larry a foundational piece to our budding operation.

Sean Clarkson | Natvana Secretary & Legal Counsel

Sean Clarkson
Chief Compliance Officer | Legal Counsel

Sean provides multiple years of experience working in various compliance roles for a Fortune 500 company. Sean has overseen and investigated compliance matters in Anti-Money Laundering, Food Safety, Health and Safety, and Ethics. Having a bachelor’s degree in finance, Sean also holds a JD and MBA from the University of Arkansas. Additionally, Sean is admitted to the bar in the state of Arkansas. Sean’s firm understanding and experience in highly regulated industries make him our go-to guy when it comes to all things compliance.

Lucas Haley | Natvana Lab Director & R&D Specialist

Lucas Haley
Lab Director | R&D Specialist

Lucas is the head of our lab and R&D. He attended Arkansas Tech University and received a B.S. in Chemistry. While in undergraduate school, Lucas and his advisor published research related to hydrogenase enzymes and renewable hydrogen fuel. After ATU, Lucas went on to work as a quality control chemist for the Arkansas State Plant Board. Lucas is now a PhD in Chemical Engineering which he received from the University of Missouri. His research is diverse, ranging from developing nanomaterials for energy harvesting to optimizing bioreactors for fermentation processes. His extensive lab experience at both the Arkansas Plant Board and the University of Missouri Chem Labs have given him extensive knowledge in both refinement and extraction processes. With this knowledge, Lucas will be leading our team of skilled operators to ensure the highest degree of quality control and product consistency.

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